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Nov 25, 2009 6:00am EST
's unemployment rate will stay elevated for years. >> oh, my goodness, this is just bad news for america. >> it does, especially after yesterday's news about the real unemployment rate. in october, the figure hit 10th.2%, a 26-year high. >> we talked about how it's going to affect the elections in 2010 around here because we talk about politics, but this recession may affect the 2012 election and the 2014 election. when we talk about, mort, that we've reset the economy, that we're not going to be driven by just crazed consumerism, that means something. we either start building things here in this country again, or this economy doesn't turn around, and people don't get back to work. and maybe, just maybe one day washington politicians will start focusing on that. >> you know what it brings forward too is a really dysfunctional political system to address these issues. they put together a stimulus program, and so much of it goes to pet projects of the individual congressmen and senators and so much of it gets dislieutenanted. it doesn't really focus in on the problem. here we are a year la
Nov 30, 2009 6:00am EST
and the horse and buggies early in the morning. >> i got out and saw america too. >> what did you see? >> i walked from the upper west side to the upper east side. kind of crazy over there. >> did you? i didn't even get that far. >> took kate ice skating. it was a lot of fun. i saw all sides of america. >> i'm sure you did. it is good to be back. >> have you ever been over to the east side? >> no. what's it like? >> it's a strange land. >> it is. >> it's a strange, strange land. >> we have an interesting panel this morning. willie is here. chrystia is back there pimping. >> and also stephen a. smith in philadelphia is with us. we're going to be talking about this tiger story. i have to say, willie, leave him alone. he has all these endorsements. it's important. there's nothing on the sleeve of golf balls that says, if you buy these golf balls, you get to figure out what's going on with tiger's life. >> the story is a bit suspicious. he's the most marketable athlete in the world. what does that mean for him? think about kobe bryant. he allegedly did something worse than this. >> he was frame
Nov 20, 2009 6:00am EST
. a call for everyone all over america to get involved in their communities. >> and we're doing that here at john mcdonough high school, a school locate in the seventh ward of new orleans. for than four years later, this school is still reeling from hurricane katrina, including a desperate need for funds to fix the roof in the auditorium, where things are so bad the school can't even hold assemblies there on days it rains because of leaks. >> despite the obstacles, we can tell you this is a great school with great kids. this past summer, over 90% of the senior class graduated, a huge success for the school. i was talking to julie reed before hand, and she talked about there are ways that katrina actually brought hope to this city. we're going to talk about those ways, very positive development. >> certainly some great stories out of that as well. all morning long, you'll see volunteers from great roots, like volunteers painting a mural, something the kids here specifically asked for. and they did that because it shows that someone cares enough to take the time to do it. >> we're going to
Nov 24, 2009 6:00am EST
of america, i hope the president, after delaying this long, comes up with an exit strategy. that would make it worthwhile. we've been there eight years, no exit strategy put forward by the bush administration. none. in fact, a lot of us are now asking -- a lot of people in the foreign policy community are asking, why are we even there? what are we trying to achieve? we're trying to beat the taliban, al qaeda, trying to set up a stable government? we haven't answered the basic questions in eight years. >> and i hope he really, really focuses on explaining that. savannah is reporting there may be a prime time speech involved here. >> good. >> i think that's important. this president hasn't exposed himself enough. >> stop it. i think this is important because it really, really, really affects the future of our country. >> three reallies put in there about the future of our country, it must be important. what else is going on? >>> meantime tonight president obama hosts his first dinner at the white house. names on the guest list, deepak chopra, oprah winfrey, ari emanuel, steven spielberg, jeff
Nov 23, 2009 6:00am EST
" talking about how the talk show hosts have been going out campaigning, changing america. one yell at a time. >> let's take a look at the morning papers, shall we? "the washington post," democrats have little time to savor their weekend senate health care victory. two lawmakers who voted to move the debate forward indicated sunday they will not vote to pass the package if it includes a government-run insurance option. >> and "the wall street journal" health haggling heats up. deal making takes spotlight now that overhaul bill has reached the senate floor. >> and the miami herald, doctor supply already strained. >> and the "usa today," winners by a foot in overtime. a field goal gives the kansas city chiefs an unlikely victory over the pittsburgh steelers. my god, willie geist, in the loser bowl, lions no longer losers. two wins. >> dramatic. that was a dramatic win. we'll have more football highlights coming up in our next segment. right now, politico's patrick gavin with a look at the morning playbook. good morning, patrick. let's start on monday morning with sarah palin and how t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5